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SITRA: World Circular Economy Forum 2017 was held at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki Finland , on June 5-7 2017. Kuva Sari Gustafsson

Julkaistu 07.06.2017

Katso videoita WCEF2017 ensimmäisen päivän sessioista!

See the Grand Opening, the sessions and the Block festival from the first day of the World Circular Economy Forum 2017!

Grand Opening – Integrating Circular Economy to the Global Agenda 2030 (Finlandia Hall)

Boulevard Sessions

Circular Blueprints Gameshow – Driving the Economic Transition in the Nordics & Beyond (Finlandia Hall)

Innovation Challenges for the Circular Economy (Helsinki Hall)

17 Circular SMEs Meet the 17 SDGs (Restaurant Hall)

Collective Impact for Sustainable Consumption and a Circular Economy (Terrace Hall)

Circular Cities (Finlandia Hall)

Finlandia Block Festival

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