The Heräämö - Societal Change with global pioneers

The Heräämö - Societal Change with global pioneers

Are you looking for new ideas on how to foster societal change while you enjoy a cup of morning coffee?

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Governments have a central role to play when societies tackle grand problems such as climate change or structural unemployment. But how should governments renew their roles in society and update their competences to better carry out this work?

In Sitra Lab’s first event of the Heräämö breakfast series, we will be hosting Jesper Christiansen from Nesta’s Innovation Skills team. Jesper is a co-founder of States of Change – a global innovation learning collective and government capacity-building platform.

Jesper will tell us about the work in States of Change in which they support governments in developing their competences to act as societal platforms in addition to their traditional institutional roles. Jesper will provide us with inspiration and know-how about the global innovation scene.

So, who is Jesper?

Jesper is the Head of Strategy and Development in Nesta’s Innovation Skills team, contributing to Nesta’s work to help people and organisations get better at innovating for the public good. In this role, he explores new avenues in the fields of social, public and government innovation.

Prior to joining Nesta, Jesper worked at Danish cross-public innovation unit MindLab for seven years. Jesper holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology. His dissertation focused on embedding human-centred innovation practices in public- sector organisations.



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States of Change: Governments as Societal Platforms

Jesper Christiansen, Nesta


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The event is open to all who wish to broaden their horizons to make positive societal change and who want to network with others engaged with similar topics. The event is free of charge.

The language of the event is English. Space is limited so please enrol by 20 September 2019 at the latest.

What is Heräämö? Heräämö is Sitra Lab’s new breakfast series in which we create a shared understanding of how we might tackle wicked problems with leading experts in the field.

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What is HERÄÄMÖ?

Sitra Lab’s new Heräämö breakfast event series provides insights into how to make societal change and seeks to explore ways to tackle wicked problems. Heräämö offers a space for you to meet international trailblazers and local doers who will share their thoughts and help us expand our understanding through interesting cases

The Heräämö morning events last two hours (8:30-10:30) and consist of informative presentations and networking opportunities accompanied by a porridge breakfast. At the end of each event you’ll have the opportunity to talk to the presenters in an informal setting. If you can’t make it to the event, you can also watch the video stream.

The Heräämö event series is part of Sitra Lab’s Changemaker’s community. If you are someone who wants to broaden your horizons on making positive societal change and is looking to network with others who are building the future, you are more than welcome to join us. You can join the Sitra Lab community on Facebook or by ordering our monthly newsletter.

Fresh ideas for making change in society + networking + breakfast = HERÄÄMÖ! A better way to start the day is here!

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